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Hindleap Warren

Year 5 had a whale of a time at Hindleap Warren. Here are some photos of them having fun.


This week our science focus has been on pitch. Mrs Force brought in some very odd-looking instruments for us to investigate. We discovered that there are 3 factors that affect pitch: size, length and tension. Longer, looser and larger mean lower sounds.


Hindleap Kit List

Here is the kit list for HIndleap Warren.
Please, please, please make sure everything is named!

Hindleap Warren Kit List

Allan Ahlberg

Today, the author Allan Ahlberg visited Barcombe to read some of his poetry and to answer our questions. He also told us about some of the punishments when he was at school!

Year 6 revision

This site gives you lots of maths revision questions to work on; they cover all aspects of maths and are at the expected standard for Year 6 SATs.
To get from one question to the next, just change the digit at the end of the address to one more. Don’t just leave a question if you get it wrong. Work out where you have made a mistake. If you’re still stuck, make a note of what day the questions was from and we’ll have a look at it together in school.

This week, we are joining in with the live sessions with The Bodycoach. This morning, the whole school gathered to do half an hour of workout led by The Bodycoach himself. The staff joined in too (well, most of them!)

World Book Day

There has been lots of dressing up as book characters today. Owls had characters from Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, Red Riding Hood, Percy Jackson and many more books in class all day.

Snow Day!

Good morning, Owls.

Enjoy the snow today but also use some of your time to do your MyMaths activities. Everyone has tasks set, even those of you who were up-to-date. Some of you have quite a lot of tasks still left to do.

In addition to your maths, please spend some time curled up in a warm, comfy place with a good book.

Bodiam Castle

A chilly wind and a few flurries of snow didn’t stop us enjoying Bodiam today. We wrapped up warm and set off to explore this wonderful castle.