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This afternoon, Owls have been to Cumnor House to have a science lesson in their labs. They learnt how to use microscopes to view slides of cells – onion, different types of bacteria and their own cells from inside their cheeks. A great afternoon!


Bowls Club

This afternoon, Year 6 spent some time at the Barcombe Bowls Club, learning to play bowls. They had a great time but discovered that it’s harder than it looks!

Leavers’ Bibles

Today in assembly, our Year 6 leavers were presented with their own copies of the Youth Bible. They were also given a booklet called ‘It’s Your Move’ which has in it lots of tips about preparing for their move to secondary school.

PGL 2018

What a great time Year 6 have had over the last 3 days. Abseiling, climbing, All Aboard, Jacob’s Ladder, zip wire, rifle shooting, fencing, tunnel trail, raft building and aeroball have kept us all well and truly busy. Well done, Year 6 for being a fantastic group and doing so well with all the activities. Sleep well this weekend!
We have lots more photos from the trip for you to see but these will just give you a taste of what we got up to!

Safety in Action 2018

On Friday 25th June, year 6 spent the morning at Newhaven Fort for their annual Safety in Action event. It was a lovely day and lots was learned!


Bikeability starts on Monday, June 4th for Year 6. Don’t forget to bring your bike and helmet. Both need to be in good condition.

Patina – the Big Reveal

This afternoon, we have learned the theme for our Patina parade and have been getting some ideas on paper for costumes, music and structures. We have also met our artist who will help us get it all together!

Chalk the Pavements

This afternoon we’ve been celebrating Chalk the Pavements Day. Mrs Edwards read ‘Angel Pavement’ by Quentin Blake to the whole school and then everyone headed outside to create our own pavement art. The playground looks very colourful tonight!

Year 6 joined fellow year 6s from Plumpton and Hamsey to celebrate the end of those SATs. We spent a beautiful sunny day at Plumpton school, sword-fighting, playing games and enjoying a picnic. A wonderful end to a long week!


Year 5 spent this morning baking 120 cupcakes and making buttercream. This afternoon, after a Royal Wedding picnic, everyone in the school decorated one of the cupcakes. Lots of different decorating ingredients were available. Amy and Alfie were voted by the rest of Year 5 as the overall year group winners. A great way to celebrate tomorrow’s Royal Wedding!