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Earth, Sun and Moon

This week, we’ve been finding out about the Earth, sun and moon. First, we went outside to explore how the Earth and moon rotate and orbit, how day and night happen and why we have seasons. Then we came back inside to create posters showing everything we’ve learnt.


Year 5 are spending Thursday mornings at Wild about Barcombe doing all sorts of different outdoors activities leading to the John Muir Award. They’re getting mucky and loving it! This week they toasted bread over fires. Their own fire-building was more successful than last week!

Tree Physical

Year 5: please remember to bring a sandwich for toasting tomorrow. A cheese sandwich would be a good option.

Owls Curriculum Letter Term 3 & 4 2018

Space links

Here are the links for some of the videos we’ve been watching as part of this topic.


Today we were presented with a pile of fruit and spices and some toilet roll and had to work out what on earth they might be for. It turned out they were to show the relative sizes of the planets and the distances between them. Mercury was represented by a peppercorn and Jupiter by a watermelon. We went out onto the rec to map out the distances between the planets. One sheet of toilet roll represented 16,000,000km.
On the photo, it’s quite tricky to even see Neptune (which was represented by Ruby holding a lime!)

Reindeer Invasion

Yesterday morning, Owls Class found that their classroom had been wrecked by reindeer over the weekend. The tables and chairs were upside down and there was reindeer poo all over the place! A video had been sent from Rudolph showing the reindeer dancing on the tables. We’re hoping they don’t return!

Christmas Concert

Last Friday, we held Owls Class Christmas Concert at the Village Hall. We had great fun singing and playing all sorts of Christmassy music for a very appreciative audience.

Our class assembly was all about Vikings. You can’t forget about them!

We were entertained by local early music group, Faronel who brought lots of weird and wonderful instruments to play for us. They played music from the time of Henry VIII whose reign we have studied this year.