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Patina Day 1

Today was the start of our Patina workshops. The boys started off their hats and made brilliant progress. The girls spent their time working on various parts of the skeleton. It’s all starting to come together very quickly.


STEM Day – rockets

Owls and Foxes spent today designing and building rockets which were then launched using Rokit. Some of them flew further than others…..(I’ve added one photo from Fox class to show a rocket in motion – they moved so fast, it was difficult to catch them on camera!) If you want to try this at home, have a look on this website:

PGL Day 3

We’ve had a wonderful time at PGL. Everyone did all of the activities, even the really high ones. I’m very proud of all of them.
Yesterday afternoon was abseiling and challenge course.
Last night we had our Robot Wars. Fantastic! Mrs Edwards and I haven’t laughed so much in ages!
This morning, we’ve done aeroball and All Aboard – think a 10m telegraph pole with a 90cm x 90cm board on the top and four of you have to climb up and stand on the board.
Well done to all of Year 6!
There are lots of photos here. I have many more!

PGL Day 2 morning

It’s been a busy morning! We’ve been rifle shooting and canoeing. Last night we had our campfire session. We’re finding lot of shade!
Abseiling and Challenge Course this afternoon followed by Robot Wars tonight.
I’ve added some photos to show just how tidy the children can keep their rooms. The boys have even got their sun cream in height order on the windowsill!

PGL Day 1

It’s been a busy first day! We’ve been fencing and on the zip wire (which provided some interesting ‘landings’ and some equally interesting poses and songs on the way down – ‘Wrecking Ball’ was one!)
We’ve had dinner and shortly we’ll be off to the campfire. I don’t think we’ll need it to keep us warm!
Look out for more photos tomorrow!