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As requested, (hopefully!) here is a copy of our division challenge. We do this every Friday and the children have to see if they can improve on their score each week. They have just 5 minutes in class to complete as much as they can correctly!


Polly Ho-Yen visit

In English, we are currently studying Fly Me Home by Polly Ho-Yen. Today, Polly visited us to talk about her inspiration for writing and to get us thinking creatively too. She had some wonderful suggestions for getting creative, including your ‘compost brain’ – all the layers of your experience mix together to make a wonderful creative compost.She also signed copies of some of her books for Owls who bought them.

Polly’s quote to add to our Why Read? quotes in the reading corner: ‘Reading lights up your brain compost so you can get lost in your very own stories!’

STEM day

Today has been a fantastic day with lots of STEM flight-related activities going on all around school. We focussed our attention on the development of aircraft design using activities from the RAF100 schools website. It was a bit tricky using craft knives to cut out the templates accurately and then to find the centre of gravity for our planes, but we all managed it. We then needed to move the centre of gravity forwards to the wings to match what happened when heavy engines were added to the front of early planes. We found that the planes were then much more stable and didn’t land nose of tail first!
We also made celery planes (!) and hovercraft using CDs and balloons.
Our very own local BA pilot came in to talk to us about aircraft design and all the maths and physics pilots need to use every time they fly. It seems the 3 times tables are essential!

Wild about Barcombe

What a way to start our school week! Our session at Wild about Barcombe this morning included fire lighting, finding natural wonders to collect in our special boxes, and making flying machines from things we could find in the woods (with a bit of wool to hold them together). There may have been s’mores involved too…


Welcome to Owls for those of you new to the class. If you were an Owl last year, welcome back! We’ve got some really exciting things planned for this year, starting with a trip in a couple of weeks’ time and a STEM day coming up very soon.

Many of you will be keen to get started straight away so if you log into MyMaths, you’ll find you already have activities set for you. Try to keep up with what’s been set so you don’t have a huge list of unfinished tasks.

I’ll see you all bright and early tomorrow! Happy new term 😀

This afternoon, Owls have been to Cumnor House to have a science lesson in their labs. They learnt how to use microscopes to view slides of cells – onion, different types of bacteria and their own cells from inside their cheeks. A great afternoon!

Bowls Club

This afternoon, Year 6 spent some time at the Barcombe Bowls Club, learning to play bowls. They had a great time but discovered that it’s harder than it looks!

Leavers’ Bibles

Today in assembly, our Year 6 leavers were presented with their own copies of the Youth Bible. They were also given a booklet called ‘It’s Your Move’ which has in it lots of tips about preparing for their move to secondary school.

PGL 2018

What a great time Year 6 have had over the last 3 days. Abseiling, climbing, All Aboard, Jacob’s Ladder, zip wire, rifle shooting, fencing, tunnel trail, raft building and aeroball have kept us all well and truly busy. Well done, Year 6 for being a fantastic group and doing so well with all the activities. Sleep well this weekend!
We have lots more photos from the trip for you to see but these will just give you a taste of what we got up to!

Safety in Action 2018

On Friday 25th June, year 6 spent the morning at Newhaven Fort for their annual Safety in Action event. It was a lovely day and lots was learned!